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Stripped Down (available on CD only) features 8 songs recorded at Rittenhouse Recording*, followed by 5 live cuts, which were recorded in April and May 1999 at the Cemetery Inn, Reading, PA.

*Rittenhouse Recording, owned by Jim Hamilton, offers mobile digital recording, remote assistance and a digital tracking facility located in the historic Germantown area of Philadelphia. Rittenhouse's goal is to give you the best recording possible at an affordable rate for your project or demo. Rittenhouse's specialty is adding live drums and percussion to your existing tracks. Plus, songwriters can use the Rittenhouse Recording Resource for an endless supply of world-class drummers and percussionists.

Jim Hamilton, drummer/percussionist, has toured and recorded with Grammy award winning artists Gerald Alston and BoyzIIMen. He is currently working with Brazilian batucada group Samba Nosso and a 16-piece international percussion ensemble, The Spoken Hand Society. He is also an accompanist at the University of the Arts.

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